German Motor Works

Your one stop shop for all car service needs

We offer a wide variety of best car services like Periodic Services, Denting, Insurance claims, Painting, Batteries Replacement,Car spa, Car cleaning, AC Service, Repair, Tyre Replacement, Wheelcare, Car Insurance Claims, Car Detailing, Custom Services, Windshields, Glass Replacement, Lights, Fitments, Car Accessories and much more.

All Premium Car services

We do service all types of cars raning from Hatchback to premium segment vehicles to bring back your car to the original quality

Full Body Shop Repairs

We repair complete body of the car and our experts have hands on experience in bring it back to a new one

Insurance Repairs

We are authozied partner of different insurance companies and is expertise in helping you choose the best insurance for your vehicle

Under chassis coating

Under chasis coating prevents rusting of car accessories underneath your car

Specialized in German Car Engines

German motor works technicians have a well versed expertise in handling all engines especially German car engines

Painting and Tinkering Works

We undertake and kinds of painting works and tinkering works providing you with the originality

OEM Spares

We are authorized to sell all OEM spare of all top brands to serve you the orignial spare for your cars

A/c Repairs

we offer a wide assortment of car AC services to make sure that your car remains in the best condition throughout its life. With us, you can choose us all AC service

Cashless Insurance Repairs

We offer cashless insurance repairs for your car by direclty interacting with the service vendors to claim your car repairs

Suspension Repairs

We work on refining your car suspension and to get back the luxury of your car

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